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Life is quite irony when the things we have been busy searching for over the years are actually with us for so long. That's all that Director Christian Ditter wants to tell the audience.

Through 102 minutes with elaborate frames, the young and beautiful couple, the film has brought audiences many emotions, crying and laughing with the characters. Based on the best-selling novel

Love, Rosie (2014) was adapted from the novel Where Rainbow Ends by writer Cecelia Ahern. Since the words in the thick story, the stories of the main characters Rosie and Alex have been sought by global fans.

Bồng Bột Tuổi Dậy Thì

This is quite understandable because this is the second work of writer Cecelia - who had a great success with her debut novel P.s I Love You. When the film was launched on the silver screen by Constantin Film, readers of the story hoped it would be as successful as the original work. All the attention is focused on casting two main characters.

The name Sam Claflin was the first choice that came to mind in director Christian Ditter's mind. The young actor was then up with supporting roles in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. A beautiful face, full of romantic elements are all elements of what makes a perfect Alex.

The female lead was given to Lily Collins - the little princess of the famous singer Phil Collins. Her elegant beauty, bright eyes, fluttering hair and angelic smile are a big part of the film's success.

Bồng Bột Tuổi Dậy Thì

Many viewers appreciate Bong Buoi Puberty because the acting is quite good of the female lead. The film was adapted after about 10 years of the original novel, but with everything director Christian Ditter and the crew expressed, the spirit of the story is preserved.

Although not critically acclaimed, but to the audience, so many beautiful frames shimmering in 102 minutes is quite enough for a love story in real life sometimes there is such irony.

Rainbow started from childhood friendship
The two main characters Alex and Rosie have been close friends since they were 5 years old. The friendship between the two British teenagers is so carefree and close that they are willing to share everything private and secret, including difficult things about sex and gender. Together they grew up and brought up their dream of one day going to the United States to attend college.

The affection of Alex and Rosie in Bong Buoi Puberty is not love and both have never officially considered each other as lovers. Between two people are all clear emotions, carefree. Until Rosie's 18th birthday, Alex kissed her on the lips when she was drunk and realized she had unusual emotions.

Bồng Bột Tuổi Dậy Thì

However, Alex still could not confirm whether it was love or just spontaneous emotions. After that day, Rosie expressed her regret and wished that nothing had happened. Alex thought that she only wanted the two of them to be friends so he decided to pass up the opportunity and start a relationship with another girlfriend.

Because of the misunderstanding of close friends, Sam Claflin's character later expressed regret, if only he had grasped that day, the two men would not have experienced many difficulties later.

The whole episode from the beginning of the film to this point is slow, steady, not much change. The film only really changed when her friend Rosie encountered an unexpected pregnancy.

Together forever even in times of joy or difficulties
In an excessive party at Bong Bong Puberty, Rosie unfortunately got pregnant with the hot boy. She gave up her dream of going to college and at home giving birth to a baby girl, Katie, accepting the life of a single mother. And Alex parted with her childhood friend to pursue the dream at the famous Harvard.

Each person has a life of their own with difficulties that after many years, they still share regularly with the other person. Hot boy Greg of Rosie fled his fatherhood, to Ibiza to continue his life of playboy.

Only later did Greg marry Rosie, however he was not the type of person who could bring her happiness. As for girlfriend Alex was pregnant, but the two soon broke up when Alex found out it was not his child.

Bồng Bột Tuổi Dậy Thì

Alex and Rosie's life is like a mess. They face challenges and ups and downs. However, in the most difficult moments, needing the most sharing, they are always looking for each other. Whenever "the other side" is a bit worried, depressed or anxious, "the other side" appears, pushing the emotions to the climax.

The events are gently and moderately pushed, along with the moderate and restrained acting of the two young actors, which is the way the director chooses to maintain the slow and steady rhythm of the film.

Until you see all the beautiful dreams as well as the illusions of married life gradually appear, the young couple feel the need to step on.

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